Self-created Survival Race

for survival

Pehlivanides was born in the city of Serres in Alexander the Great's Macedonia. A child with imagination, quiet, athletic and lonely His family's financial situation did not allow him much and deprivation was a given.

When he had to study and after finishing school, he decided to attend the Permanent Non-Commissioned Officers' School in order to obtain immediate financial rehabilitation. He started at the most difficult military school in the country and after finishing it, he served for another 4 years as an officer in the command of soldiers and in various positions in various cities. He resigned as permanent staff sergeant

Once he resigned he was released and everything seemed wonderful. But unfortunately the financial crisis in Greece brought him into great debt, financial problems and so the road looked bleak and full of obstacles After many years in the book industry he adored he gave up to change his fate Through Real Estate, with endless hours of work, with difficulties, in areas where no one knew him, he managed to become one of the top names in the field and through his successes he remains in the minds of his clients as their personal Realtor. The hardest moment for him was when he came to not having 1 euro in his pocket to go back to his family. His advice is don't give up until you beat your fate!